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Our mission is to provide our customers and their patients with optimal, high-quality coatings for implants that make life more pleasant for them, while supporting our values, which are based on the principles of continuous innovation, optimization of human capacities, environmental protection and respect for our business partners. This allows us to achieve steady growth and added value.

Value creation and growth are the result, in particular, from our ability to reduce the costs of quality deficiencies and to achieve the greatest possible optimization of our products and organization. Improving our environmental and safety services is directly linked to our organization and contributes to good working conditions. Our successes in these areas can be verified by our most important customers and result in a positive picture of TLS in terms of audits.

The optimization of quality and costs is impossible without exemplary behavior in environmental protection and safety. TLS is working on improving its quality management system in terms of environmental protection and safety. In accordance with the expectations of our shareholders, these measures will be certified according to ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 17025 and OHSAS 18001, 21 CFR 820 standards.

Within the scope of this work and the implementation of TLS ‘s values within our management system and in all areas of performance, we commit ourselves to the following:

Conformity, reactivity and professional competence, compliance with quantities and deadlines, further development
Improving the satisfaction of our customers through high-quality work from the first moment, by responding quickly to inquiries and continuing the development of competence and autonomy of our employees.
Environmental protection
Prevention of pollution and impairment by optimizing our waste management and avoiding over-consumption by improving the control of air emissions.
Safety and health at work
Avoiding occupational risks, in particular, by designing the work environment (noise and dust), optimal use of tools and machines, gestures, postures and stress sources.
Maintenance of conformity
Complying with the requirements of the specifications and contracts with our customers in terms of quality and deadlines, guidelines and other requirements in the areas of quality, environmental protection and health at work.
Implementation of measures for continuous improvement, which allow an optimization of our costs.

In fulfilling these obligations, our measures are based on:

  • Control of methods,
  • Control and increase their productivity,
  • Division and subdivision of the objectives at all relevant levels of the company,
  • Formalization of the manufacturing practices with our employees,
  • Monitoring and training of employees, etc.

The quality manager responsible for the management in QSE as well as the other TLS managers, receives the necessary resources so that the tasks can be carried out optimally, which allow us to achieve a sustainable performance.

Sense of responsibility and team spirit, which represent the shared values of all TLS employees, form the foundations that allow us to transform our commitment to the customer and our transparency commitment to credible results.

TLS may offer tests outside of COFRAC accreditation using an alternative method that has been validated internally by the laboratory and technical department.

I undertake to comply with the aforementioned standards and to continuously improve the efficiency of the management system and our performance.

I undertake not to influence the audits, nor to falsify results and performance data in the areas of quality and technology.

I call on all TLS employees to share this commitment with me!

Date : 14/10/2015

B. Nitoumbi
General Manager
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