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Dr. Klaus NassensteinWhat are the trends in the world of coating?
I can describe trends only from GTV point of view. First, we see an increased use of thermal sprayed coating in the automotive sector. This affects particularly the coating of aluminum cylinder crank cases in a new series production as well as in the repair of engine blocks.

The generation of heating conductor layers in connection with laser structuring also has to be mentioned. In these multi-layer coating systems, electrical energy is very efficiently converted to heat. Finally, suspension spraying is something we see as having a lot of potential that has not truly prevailed yet. I consider these three key aspects to be important trends for our company.

What are the advantages of laser cladding?
To begin with, laser cladding can only be used for metallic coatings with and without carbide strengthening. Other types of material such as ceramic cannot be successfully processed yet. The great advantage of processing metals is a high efficiency of 90 – 95%. Furthermore, masking of components and blasting can be omitted. The term strength of pretreatment does not apply because the coating forms a metallurgical bond with the base material. In my opinion, these are the three advantages of laser cladding.

How do you regard the market trend from the perspective of a plant manufacturer?
Generally, the market trend has been more than positive over the last three years.

What in your opinion characterizes a good hired coater?
A good coating company should provide a broad spectrum of methods and materials processing to be able to successfully repair a wide variety of parts that are delivered for repair of refinement. It may even be capable of coating specific products in series. And most important is of course a great flexibility to keep customers waiting for their products as little as possible. Otherwise, we will get stuck with them sooner or later!

Description of GTV

GTV Wear Protection GmbH has been specializing in thermally sprayed component surfaces and plant engineering since 1983. A strong commitment and passion for development and specialization have always motivated the group of companies which is successfully continued in the second generation of owners by Stefan Kill and Dr. Klaus Nassenstein.

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